About the Book

In this collection you will find a rich variety of prayers intended to ease the many kinds of pain we all experience — physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual.  Drawn from liturgical resources from around the Anglican Communion, these prayers are suitable for parish services and home or hospital visits by lay visitors, caregivers, health professionals, and clergy.  They offer comfort to individuals and communities, without attempting to impose meaning on suffering.  These Prayers underscore the reality that in healing, we are accompanied by our Lord, the great physician of our souls.

In this book, Fr. Graves provides a theological introduction to the collected prayers with a focus on the expansive and holistic nature of healing prayer in the Anglican Tradition.  He also provides pastoral rubrics at the beginning of each section for how such prayers might be used.

Library and Archives of Canada CIP information:

Prayers for healing : from the Anglican tradition / compiled by Daniel F. Graves. — Toronto : ABC Pub., 2010.
ISBN 978-1-55126-520-9
1. Healing–Prayers and devotions 2. Anglican Communion–Prayers and devotions
I. Graves, Daniel F.
BV270 P73 2010     242′.803     1001


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