Posted by: fatherdan | September 18, 2012

The Ministry of Healing and the Gospel of Hope

Prayers for Healing from the Anglican Tradition (Toronto: Anglican Book Centre, 2010) has been an extraordinary success.  It is now in its fifth printing and sales continue to be strong.  Anglican clergy, lay visitors,lay anointers have consistently found this to be the most useful book available for pastoral visiting in hospitals and in homes.  The strength of the collection is that it is drawn entirely from the Anglican liturgical and pastoral traditions, featuring prayers from authorized prayer books from around the Anglican Communion.  When these prayers are prayed we are praying not only with brothers and sisters around the world, but also with brothers and sisters across the ages.

Another element of the book that has been deeply appreciated is the inclusion of pastoral rubrics that accompany each set of carefully selected prayers.  This collection at once a resource for praying, and at the same time, a pastoral guidebook.  Also included are suggestions for biblical passages and psalms that can be offered alongside the prayers.  Those wishing to introduce a parish healing liturgy will appreciate the ready access to a litany for healing that can be used in such services.

Thanks to the success of this book, Fr. Dan is preparing a new book, The Ministry of Healing and the Gospel of Hope.  This little book, inspired by his many lectures and retreat talks on the healing ministry, continues to encourage those engaged in the healing ministry to envision healing in the most expansive way.  In the book, Fr. Dan suggests that the healing ministry is actually a sacrament of the Gospel of Hope.  In a broken and hurting world in which fear drives us in two directions, either into despair or into the realm of illusion, facing the reality of our suffering and recognizing the healing hand of Christ in our lives in new and unexpected ways unveils for us a vision of hope that is at the heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Watch this space for more information on this new and exciting book as it becomes available!



  1. Father Dan: I treasure Prayers for Healing in the Anglican Tradition. However, it is so portable that I keep misplacing it! Fortunately it always turns up. I am quite sure that I purchased my copy from The Episcopal Bookstore Website, but searching on Healing Prayer + Anglican got me nowhere and it seems they no longer carry it. Their loss. I will order several more copies from A couple for myself, a few for members of our Pastoral Care Team and a couple to have on hand for others interest in intercessory prayer and healing.

    I look forward to your next book and I shall begin following your blog with interest.


    Anni in Southwest Ohio

    PS: God has such a sense of humor, Father. When I misplaced the book, of course, I also misplaced your name. Imagine my surprise this last time when I realize you share the same name as the founder and Artistic Director of the Art School in Florence Italy where my daughter is a grad student and Teaching Asst, Florence Academy of Art. I won’t forget your name again!

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